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Swiss specialties
The Chameleon offers a variety of dishes


Mixed Salade Plate with Saaner Cheese 

with Balsamico Dressing, Bread Basket

 €  11.50

Mixed Salade Plate with Swiss Cheese & Air Dried Beef from Grisons (Bündner Fleisch)

with Balsamico Dressing, Bread Basket

€ 14.50


Side dish: bacon, grill sausages, boiled potatoes, pickles

served as of 2 Persons
Price per person(available only on pre-order)

€ 25.50

Swiss Cheese and „Bündner Fleisch“ 

Selection of Swiss Cheeses

with bread basket

€ 14.50

Portion of „Sbrinz“ 

cheese speciality from central switzerland with bread basket

€ 11.50

Portion of „Hobelkäse“ 

Swiss Cheese Speciality, thinly sliced, with bread rolls

€ 11.50

Plate of air dried  beef and a variety of Swiss cheese

with bread basket

€ 19.80

Portion of air dried Beef 

a speciality from the canton of Grisons, with bread basket

€ 12.50

Coffee from Switzerland - for colder days

Cafe „Fertig“

Coffee with Apple Brandy, sugar (with or without coffee cream)

 € 5.40

Cafe “Luz“ 

Apple Brandy, sugar, just a sip of coffee, filled up with hot water

€  4.70 

Cafe „Schümli Pflümli“ 

Coffee, Prune Brandy, sugar, whipped cream

€  6.50 

Cafe „Kirsch“ 

Coffee, Cherry Brandy, sugar, whipped cream

€ 6.50


All Taxes Included!